Gan Geokeng Hoe Hin Mfy., Ltd.

About Us

Gan Geok Eng Hoe Hin Mfy., Ltd. was founded in 2010. The production was improved to meet GMP and cGMP standards. We are also continuing to develop more products suitable for modern trends that are safe, effective, good quality and have reasonable prices – intended for uses such as OTC, herbal medicine prescriptions and medical cosmetology products.

The world famous expert in herbal oil can be traced back from 1927. When the founder, Mr. Geok-Eng Gan, invented a versatile herbal oil in Malaysia to improve local people's health. He wished to fix discomforts in daily life by his safe, effective invention with instant alleviation. This herbal oil later became the famous "The White Flower Embrocation".

Mr. Gan's herbal oil was initially intended as gifts being given to Mr. Gan's family and friends. Because of the amazing effect of the herbal oil people who used it loved it. Therefore, Mr. Gan was encouraged to massively produce the herb oil and sell it to the public. The herbal oil was named "The White Flower Embrocation" because of Mr. Gan's favor over lilies (white flowers). "The White Flower Embrocation" was introduced into Taiwan in 1960. The factory producing "The White Flower Embrocation" was established later in Taiwan in 1962. "The White Flower Embrocation" became the leading domestic brand of compound herbal oils in Taiwan.

His successor now decides to sell the production, "Gan Geok Eng Wan In Oil", to the world in remember of Mr. Gan Geok Eng, and also takes out trademarks and patents in more than 20 countries. We wish to carry forward Mr. Gan's spirit, and bring everyone happiness and health.