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Gan Geok Eng Wan In Ointment


Gan Geok Eng Wan In Ointment is an herbal ointment based on Gan Geok Eng Wan In Oil’s formula with moisturizing and longer-lasting effects. It is great for mosquito bites, pain caused by rheumatism/arthritis and other muscle pains. The prominent healing effect is long-lasting. When applying to wounded skin by cut, laceration or burns, it also can protect the skin from further harm.
Among the active ingredients in Gan Geok Eng Wan In Ointment, extracts from Ilex chinensis Sims, mints, eucalyptus, lavender and camphor are natural antiseptics. Its active ingredients are effective for headaches, colds, mosquito bites, muscle and joint pains caused by arthritis/rheumatism. All active ingredients were fine-ground with petroleum wax and bees wax is added for extra skin protection. With the fat-solubility of the petroleum jelly contained in Gan Geok Eng Wan In Ointment, the active ingredients can penetrate the skin to instantly start the healing process. The healing effects last longer because of the skin protection feature of the bees wax contained in Gan Geok Eng Wan In Ointment.


Mint crystal, Ilex chinensis Sims, eucalyptus oil, camphor, lavender essential oil, petroleum jelly, Bees wax

Effective For

Cut, laceration, mosquito bites, itches, muscles pains, abdominal distention, headaches, colds, heat stroke, motion sickness