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Gan Geok Eng Wan In Oil


Wintergreen, camphor and lavender essential oils are included in the base formula of GanGeok Eng Wan In Oil. The formula has shown versatile healing effects. Its amazing healing power is endorsed by the approval of Ministry of Health and Welfare on so many curative effects.


Mint crystal
With the refreshing and pain-relieving functions, it is effective to treat headaches, muscle pains caused by rheumatism / arthritis; it also freshens up your mind, body and breath.
Treating pains such as muscle pains/ soreness and other general pains.
Antiseptic. Treating itching and discomforts caused by colds.
Relieving itching, anti-germs and repelling insect bugs.
Lavender essential oil
Calming, soothing, repelling insect bugs and antiseptic.

Effective For

Headaches, colds, infantile convulsions, burns, insect bites, heatstroke, swollenness caused by unknown reasons, itches/irritating pains, cuts, motion sickness, diarrhea, pains caused by rheumatism/arthritis, pediatric abdominal pains